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Here’s a list of recommendations for before and after your appointment. If you have any additional questions, please email me.

Preparing for the appointment

Have a meal and drink enough water in the hours before your session to avoid physical discomfort (we have drinking water and a restroom available at the studio). If you’re coming for a long session, it’s a good idea to bring snacks.

Ensure the area to be tattooed is clean and free of oils, moisturiser, or tanning products.
Please shave the area if needed.
If you have any rashes, sores or sunburns on the area to be tattooed we’ll need to reschedule your appointment.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothes that provide easy access to the area being tattooed.
Avoid wearing valuable clothing – I will be careful but some ink smudging might occur.

After the appointment

If wearing cling wrap, remove it as soon as you get home.
If wearing the second skin bandage, leave it on for up to 3 days, as long as it’s not irritating your skin. If irritating the skin, remove right away.

After removing the either cling wrap or second skin, gently clean the tattoo with warm water and neutral soap. Keep the area clean and covered with soft, loose clothes for the first couple days. Do not cover it again with plastic.

Use a small amount of aftercare balm 3 to 4 times a day for at least 2 weeks.
I recommend Bepanthen Antiseptic/Tattoo and Cicaplast Baume B5 due to their antiseptic quality – however, they are not vegan friendly products.
As a vegan alternative, we have Marked! aftercare balm for sale at the studio.
You can also use any other aftercare cream that worked well for your previous tattoos.
Always wash your hands before caring for your tattoo.

Do not over moisturise or cover it with plastic.
Avoid wearing harsh fabrics or tight clothes over the tattoo while it’s healing.
Avoid scratching or picking the scabs. Be mindful of pets and children.
Avoid swimming for at least 2 weeks to prevent infections and discoloration.
Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 2 weeks. After the healing process is completed, always wear sunscreen to keep your tattoo fresh for longer.

For small tattoos, wait at least 3 days before exercising. For larger tattoos, wait at least 1 week, especially if the tattoo is placed close to your joints.
Wait at least 2 weeks before playing contact sports or engaging in any activity that might touch/rub the tattoo directly.
Stop exercising immediately if you feel any pain or discomfort. Always shower after exercising to remove sweat and dirt from the tattoo.

If something seems wrong with your tattoo — excessive redness, swelling, pain, high temperature, etc. — please contact me and your GP as soon as possible.