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Here are my answers to the most common questions I get from clients. It’s a fairly extensive guide, so you can use the search bar in the footer to help you find any specific information. 


Are your books open?
At the moment my books are closed. I usually open my books every 3-4 months.
I avoid booking too far in advance to minimise rescheduling and cancellations.
You can subscribe to the mailing list to be notified when books are open again.

How is the booking process?
Please refer to the page How I work.

What is the best way to contact you?
I always communicate via email to keep a clear, searchable record of our conversations.
Please don’t message me on Instagram, my inbox is closed and I don’t receive message requests there.
For any urgent matters you can call the studio on 0498 019 041

When should I expect a reply?
If you submitted a request via booking form, please allow 4-6 weeks for a reply. I need to hear back from the first clients before reaching out to the next ones on the list.
If you’re a returning client, I’ll do my best to reply to your email within 1-2 weeks.
I understand that the wait can be frustrating but, between tattooing and drawing, I don’t have much time available for emails! 

Deposits & cancellation policy

What is your reschedule/cancellation policy?
Deposits are not refundable in case of cancellation.
If you reschedule with at least 48h notice the deposit will be kept for your future appointment.
If you reschedule with less than 48h notice, or more than twice, a new deposit will be required for rebooking your appointment.
No-shows will not be rebooked or refunded.

Why do I have to leave a deposit?
Tattoo artists don’t have a fixed wage, we earn by tattoos done. When we have last minute cancellations and no-shows, we not only do unpaid work preparing for the appointment but also miss the opportunity to book other clients.
The deposit is a way to ensure that clients are committed to the appointment and to partially compensate for our time if they are not. 

I cancelled my appointment with weeks of notice, why is my deposit still not refundable?
The deposit covers admin costs such as the time and effort spent on email exchanges and quotes, the cost of the online form/booking platform, bank fees, taxes, etc.
There’s a lot of work and costs going on behind the scenes!

Pricing & payment

How much do you charge?
My full day session is $1,500 and a half day session is $750.
Small pieces are quoted according to size and complexity. My minimum charge is $200.

How much can I get done in one day session?
It really depends on the complexity of the tattoo, but I work fairly quickly so the sessions are usually very productive.

How do you calculate the price of small tattoos?
The price will depend on size and, especially, the complexity (for example, a 10cm single flower will be cheaper than a 10cm bouquet).
Keep in mind that even a small tattoo requires materials, time, and a lot of skill to design and execute – so half the size does not mean half the price!
In fact, some small tattoos can be more challenging to execute than larger ones.

Will I know in advance how much I’ll pay for the tattoo?
Yes, I’ll provide you with a quote upon booking. However, the price might change on the day if you alter the idea, size, or placement of the tattoo..

I have a set budget, can you work with it?
Sure, let me know your budget and we can discuss what is possible to achieve.

How can I pay for my tattoo?
You can pay by cash, card, or mobile bank transfer (preferred method).
A 1% surcharge applies to card payments. There is no surcharge for bank transfer.
I don’t work with Afterpay, Inkpay, or any other “buy now, pay later” services

Tattoo Design

Can I see a preview of my design?
No, I don’t send a preview of the design. Mainly because it’s much easier to discuss and make changes together in person than via email. We have time during the appointment for that.
In addition, I want you to make the decision about your tattoo. While I understand you may want to share the design with family and friends, everyone will have a different input, and it might confuse or make you feel insecure trying to please them all. When you see the design at the studio, you can focus on what you want without overthinking it.

Do I need to have my own sketch or a very defined idea?
No, I ask for a detailed description so I can understand your expectations, but you don’t need to have a set design in mind.
I appreciate your trust in letting me create something with you. 

Can I change my mind about my tattoo idea after I made a booking?
Yes! I never want you to get a tattoo you’re not 100% sure of.
However, please let me know in advance. We might need to reschedule if your new idea requires a longer appointment time than the previous one. 
If it’s a last-minute change and I’ve already prepared the previous design, an additional design fee might apply. 

Do you have flash designs?
Not at the moment. I’m working on the idea of periodically having a set of non-exclusive flash designs and one-off pieces available.

Do you only tattoo flowers?
No! Nature themes are my specialty, but I’m happy to tattoo anything that suits my style and skills.
I will only decline a tattoo if I believe another artist would deliver a better result.

Do you tattoo other artists’ work?
I’m happy to tattoo someone else’s artwork as long as we have express permission from the original artist (email, receipt for commission, tattoo ticket, etc). 
I don’t copy tattoos from other artists; we might use them as references, but I’ll develop my own design, in my own style. If you really want something identical to a certain reference, I’m not the right artist for you.