Tattoo FAQ

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first timer or experienced client – each tattoo artist works in a particular way and you might have questions about the process. Here are my answers to the most common ones – feel free to get in touch for any others.

Are your books open?
I avoid booking too far in advance to minimise rescheduling and cancellations. You can email me anytime with your tattoo idea and I’ll put you on my waitlist so I can get in touch once I have new spots available.

I contact people in the order the emails were received with at least once month in advance to book the appointment.

How do I make an enquiry?
Please use the form or send an email directly to containing the following information:

  • • Description and reference images of the design idea (can be photos, illustrations, or other tattoos)
  • • Approximate size in cm
  • • Placement on the body
  • • One or more tattoos by me that you like, as a reference of style

Please do not message on social media. I’ll do my best to reply within a week. My reply might go to your spam folder, so keep an eye out for that.

Once we set a booking date, I will hold it for one week. If you don’t confirm and make the deposit within this time, the spot will be open for another client.

I develop the designs on the day before the appointment. I can’t commit to send you a preview before that. We have enough time on the day of the appointment to make adjustments if needed. If you really want to have a preview, I’m happy to have you for a free consultation prior to the appointment so we can discuss and sketch together.

When should I expect a reply to my email?
I’ll do my best to reply within a week.
I like to carefully read and reply to every single message myself. Unfortunately, between tattooing and other commitments, I don’t have much time available for that. :/

How long is the wait?
At the moment we’re still recovering from COVID-19 disruptions, so it might take up to 3 months to get an appointment.

But the wait is usually 6 to 8 weeks if you have flexible dates. Weekend appointments fill out very fast, so expect a longer wait for those. I occasionally have cancellations and can fit you in on an earlier date – keep an eye on my instagram stories for the latest spots available.

Can I cancel/reschedule my appointment?
You can cancel or rebook your appointment anytime. However, you will only get a refund for your deposit if you give at least 48h notice.

Why can’t I message you on instagram? 🙁
It’s just too hard to keep track of everyone via DM. On email I have a clear, searchable record of every conversation.

How much does it cost?
My minimum price is $150 for black tattoos and $200 for coloured ones. My hourly rate for large pieces is $180 – but I usually charge per project, not per hour. The price will depend on size and complexity, so please contact me for a quote and be aware that the price might change on the day of the appointment in case of adjustments to the design.

Please keep in mind that even a small tattoo requires material, time and skill to design and execute – so half the size does not mean half the price!
In fact, some small tattoos are harder to execute than bigger ones.

How can I pay?
I accept cash, card or bank transfer.

Why do I have to make a deposit?
Unfortunately last minute cancellations and no-shows can occur. When these happen, we miss the opportunity to book other clients. The deposits are there to make sure the client is committed to the appointment and to partially make up for our time in case they don’t. Please remember that tattoo artists don’t have a fixed wage, we earn by tattoos done.

Can I see my design before the appointment?
I work on the design on the day before the appointment. Unfortunately I can’t commit to send you a preview of the design earlier than that because

1. I have to work on the designs for the clients booked before you 
2. It’s unpaid work in case of last minute cancellation 
3. Unfortunately some clients take our original design to be executed by other tattoo artists for a lower price 🙁

If you really want to see and discuss your tattoo design beforehand, I’m happy to have you for a free consultation prior to the appointment so we can sketch it together.

Do I need to have my own sketch or very defined idea?
No! I ask for a detailed description so I can understand your expectations, but you don’t need to have a set design in mind. I appreciate your trust in letting me create something for you. 🙂

Do you have flash designs?
Sometimes I have designs up for grabs, but they’re still unique – meaning once I tattoo them they’re not available to other clients anymore. Follow me on instagram to keep updated on that.

Do you only tattoo flowers?
No! Botanicals are my specialty, but I’m happy to tattoo anything that suits my style. 🙂 I will only decline a tattoo if I believe another artist would deliver a better result.

Do you tattoo other artists’ work?
I don’t copy tattoos from other artists – we might use them as references, but I’ll develop my own design, in my own style. I might tattoo existing illustrations with permission of the original artist.

What is a consultation?
Consultations are free 30min appointments made prior to the tattoo to discuss your design in person.
I usually freehand on your body and/or do a rough sketch so we are aligned in overall size and composition.

You don’t necessarily have to book a consultation – most small tattoos can be resolved by email – but you’re always welcome to if you want to feel more secure about your decision.

How much does it hurt?
People can have very different experiences with pain!
However, some places are known to be more sensitive as they have more nerve endings.
• Most painful: ribcage, sternum, stomach, hands and feet, knees and elbow.
• Somewhat painful: ankle, wrist, inner arm
• Least painful: forearm, outer arm, back, shoulders, legs

Some placements are not particularly painful, but it can be uncomfortable to hold the position for an extended time.
I don’t recommend getting a big piece in a sensitive placement as your first tattoo, but keep in mind that pain tolerance is individual and it’s ultimately your choice.

Can I have my tattoo done in a private room?
Our studio is a shared space, but my workstation is very private. We can also put up screens for additional privacy upon request.

Can I use numbing cream before my tattoo?
Yes, but it’s under your own responsibility and you should seek advice from a health professional. I don’t recommend or use any product at the studio.
Keep in mind that you probably won’t need it unless you’re doing a big piece and/or in a very sensitive area. 😉

Do you do cover ups/ fixes?
No, I don’t do cover ups or fix existing tattoos.
Please check with the other talented artists at our studio if they could assist you with that. 🙂

Do you tattoo fingers?
No, I rather not tattoo fingers since these tattoos fade too much and need frequent touch ups.
However, you can check with the other talented artists at our studio if they could assist you with that. 🙂

Can you tattoo over scars?
Yes, if they are already stable in shape and colour. We advise waiting at least 1 year, but check with your doctor.
Keep in mind that the tattoo will cover the colour, but you’ll still be able to see the texture under it.

Do you only tattoo women?
No! Most of my clients are women, but people of all genders are welcome. 🙂

Can I get a coloured tattoo if I have darker skin?
Yes, darker skin can be tattooed in colour, It’s just a matter of aligning your expectations to what’s possible to achieve.
The colours won’t look as vibrant as they look on lighter skin. Intense tones like blue and green work better. Pastel tones such as light pink, yellow and lilac don’t heal that well, as they look a bit dull.
I do free colour tests if you’d like to see how the ink will heal on your skin, just contact me for an appointment. 🙂

Can I get a tattoo with my parents’ permission if I’m under 18 years old?
No, I strictly only tattoo people 18+ years old.

How do you sterilise your materials?
I only use disposable, single use materials. Non disposables are wrapped in plastic for each client. All surfaces are disinfected in between appointments.

Do you use vegan ink?
Yes, I work with Intenze Ink and Hustle bubbles – all vegan friendly materials 🙂

How should I take care of my tattoo?
At the end of the appointment, I will wrap you in second skin (sticky plastic) or cling wrap, if you’re allergic to band aids.

If wearing cling wrap, remove as soon as you get home and clean with warm water and neutral soap. Do not cover again.
If you’re wearing the second skin plastic, leave it on for up to 3 days, as long as it’s not irritating your skin and not accumulating too much blood. If irritating the skin or dripping blood, remove right away and clean with warm water and neutral soap. Warm water and steam will make it easier to remove the second skin plastic.

After removing the plastic, keep the area clean and covered with clothes for the first couple days. Use a tiny bit of bepanthen or vegan alternative 3 to 4 times a day for a week. Do not over moisturise or cover with cling wrap! The tattoo needs to breathe to heal properly. Avoid wearing stockings or any harsh fabric too tight over the tattoo.

It is normal to scab and peel. It will look ugly and get itchy – try not to scratch or pick as it might interfere with the healing. Your tattoo should be fully healed in 2-4 weeks (small and fine heals quicker).

How do I know if there’s something wrong with my healing process?
If your tattoo is red, swollen, too sore and feeling hot to touch after the third day, please contact me or a doctor as it might be a sign of infection.

Bleeding or leaking in the first couple days is normal. Scabbing and peeling is normal. Big and/or coloured tattoos might feel sore for longer. Tattoos closer to the joints (ie. ankle, elbow) might take longer to heal as the area is dry and the wound keeps opening as you move.

Will my tattoo fade/blur?
All tattoos fade and blur over time, because your body will constantly be processing the pigment particles. Wearing sunscreen and keeping your skin moisturised will help your tattoo look fresh for longer.

Do colour tattoos fade faster than black tattoos?
All tattoos fade over time. Black tattoos seem to fade less because the dark pigment has more contrast against the skin. Tattoos with lighter colours, such as pink and yellow, will have less contrast against the skin in the first place, so They will look faded more easily than a black one.

Do fine line tattoos blur more than bold lines?
All tattoos blur over time. This process might be more visible in fine line pieces. That is why we advise going bigger if you have an intricate design that might lose definition as it ages.

Why do I need a touch up?
Keep in mind that all tattoos fade and blur overtime, and they sometimes don’t heal evenly – especially when not properly cared for during the healing process.
If you want a very delicate design, with very fine lines and soft colour or shading, I prefer to work lightly and touch up if needed rather than go too dark and end up with a tattoo that is much heavier than you expected.
In addition, some parts of the body are prone to fading (e.g. lower ankle, fingers, feet, ear, etc).
We recommend waiting at least 4 weeks before booking your touch up. The first touch up is free of charge.

What are good vegan friendly tattoo aftercare?
You can use pawpaw cream or coconut oil to moisturise, just make sure it’s a freshly opened jar to avoid contamination. Other products include Inky and Hustle Butter.

Do you still have questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact me.