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about me

I am Daniele (she/her), a Brazilian tattoo artist currently based in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia. 

I started tattooing in 2017, after working for many years as a fashion designer and freelance illustrator. In 2022 I earned my PhD at Monash University researching the affective and aesthetic experience in tattoo studios from a feminist perspective.

Drawing and nature have been long time passions of mine. In 2015 I completed my training in botanical illustration and now translate this experience into my floral designs and artwork. 

Working ink on skin is much more challenging than watercolour on paper, but also much more rewarding. I love meeting people and helping them tell their stories through tattoos.


(2022) MTALKS at MPavilion: The Design of the Salon / The Salon as a space
Part of Melbourne Design Week 2022.

(2020) UTFPR: Roda de Conversa sobre Tatuagem Como Prática de Design
Guest and mediator at online panel “Tattoo as Design Practice” for UTFPR University in Brazil.