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how I work

Thank you for your interest in my work, I’m looking forward to creating something with you! Each tattoo artist has a unique way of working, so please see below for an overview of my process.
For additional information about these topics, please check the complete FAQ or use the search bar in the footer. 

What I do & don’t do

I specialise in botanical designs, birds, and anything related to nature, but I’m happy to work on other themes as long as the idea suits my style and skills.

I do my best to book everyone who submits a request (see booking process) but I occasionally turn down some projects if I believe I’m not the right match for them and another artist would do a better job.

I can tattoo over scars if they’re at least 1 year healed.
I can tattoo other artists’ designs as long as you have written permission or a ticket / receipt for commission.
I don’t copy tattoos from other artists — we might use them as reference, but I’ll develop my own design, in my own style. If you really want something identical to a certain reference, I’m not the right artist for you.

There are a few other things I’m not doing at the moment:

  • Hand / finger / foot / face / neck / ear tattoos
  • Script / writing
  • Portraits (including pet portraits).
  • Cover up / reworking of old tattoos (unless considerably lasered off)
Pricing & payment

Most tattoos require either a half-day session ($750) or a full-day session ($1,200 – $1,500, depending on how long it takes).
You can see examples of what can be achieved in a half day session 
here and here
You can see examples of what can be achieved in a full day session herehere and here
The prices are estimated based on the size and, most importantly, the intricacy of the design – so please make sure to provide this information carefully for an accurate quote.

Really large pieces (such as full sleeves / legs) might require multiple sessions.
Small pieces will be quoted according to size and complexity. My minimum charge is $200.
You can book me for a full-day or half-day session to get multiple small tattoos (on the same person).

You will receive a quote once I reply to your request.
Prices are subject to change if you alter the idea / size / placement on the day of the appointment.

All prices are GST inclusive and account for the design and execution of the tattoo.
If needed, you can book a 30min consultation prior to the appointment and a first touch up appointment at no extra cost.

Payment for your tattoo can be made on the day by cash, card, or mobile bank transfer (preferred method).

Booking process

Returning clients can email me anytime for an appointment (subject to availability).

I usually open my books to new clients every 3-4 months.
Booking requests are made exclusively via a booking form that is sent to my mailing list (subscribe here to be notified).
You’ll be asked to provide information such as:

  • Brief description of the idea
  • Approximate size in cm
  • Placement
  • Reference pictures — these can be other tattoos, illustrations, photos, etc.
    I appreciate it if you also include pictures of tattoos done by me so I can better understand what you like about my work.

If you’d like to book 2 or more people on the same day, please submit one request only (even if you’re getting different tattoos).
If you’re travelling to Melbourne from a different city/country, please let me know so I can try to accommodate your dates as best as I can.

I’ll respond to the requests via email. Please allow several weeks for a reply; I need to hear back from the first clients before reaching out to the next ones on the list.

Once we find a day and time for your appointment, you’ll be asked to make a $150 deposit. If the deposit is not made within a week, the appointment time might be offered to another client and you will need to find another date.

Deposits are non-refundable.
The $150 will be deducted from the total price on the day of the appointment.
If you reschedule with at least 48h notice, the deposit will be kept for your future appointment.
If you reschedule with less than 48h notice, or more than twice, a new deposit will be required for rebooking your appointment.
No-shows will not be rebooked or refunded.

Creative process

I’ll design the tattoo based on your ideas and reference pictures, as well as my own research for references.
I only work on the design a few days before the appointment.
My designs are sketches – they are not as detailed or as well-rendered as the final tattoo will be.

I don’t send a design preview beforehand. We have enough time on the day of the appointment to make adjustments together if needed – it’s easier in person. If you really want to have a preview, I’m happy to have you for a free consultation prior to the appointment so we can discuss and sketch together.

Depending on the design/placement I might suggest freehanding the tattoo (or parts of it) on the day. In this process, I use pens to draw the design directly on the body and then tattoo over this sketch. Check the tattoo portfolio for reference.

Any questions? Please check the complete FAQ. You can also leave questions and comments when you submit your request via the booking form.
Make sure to check the recommendations for before and after your appointment as well.